COMMUNITY   2018 2019
Communities investment(1) $M 442 430
Employees - wages and benefits $M 85,133 74,591
Land owners - rentals and royalties $M 7,981 5,496
Governments - royalties, taxes, levies $M 114,440 na
Shareholders - value of share repurchases $M 66,254 14,340


Paramount strives to be a respected partner and contributor to the communities where we operate and where our employees live and work. We work together with communities and stakeholders through participation in local operator and community groups, open houses and individual stakeholder meetings and discussions. Paramount registers significant stakeholder concerns and tracks them through their lifecycle until resolution.

In addition to contributing to the communities where we operate by providing employment, utilizing local services and paying taxes, Paramount directly supports community not-for-profit organizations and events through donations and sponsorships, along with its people volunteering time in Paramount's "Days of Caring" program. "Days of Caring" is an initiative that brings Paramount employees together and connects them with local charities to volunteer and provide support where assistance is needed.

Paramount consults with Indigenous groups across its operations. In Alberta, we consult Indigenous groups on projects through the Aboriginal Consultation Office of the Government of Alberta. Paramount has entered into benefit plans and arrangements with Indigenous groups in the Yukon and Northwest Territories and has provided direct financial support to Indigenous organizations and communities.

(1) Includes direct donations, sponsorships, and company sponsored employee donation matching.
na - Data not available at this time.