Paramount Resources Ltd (“Paramount”) is committed to a culture where prevention of incidents that may cause harm to people, property loss or an adverse impact on the environment is of the highest importance.

We believe that promoting operational discipline and consistency is of critical importance in fulfilling our commitments in the areas of health, safety and environmental protection.  Our commitments include:

Worker Health and Safety:  We will endeavor to ensure that all work performed for Paramount is done so in a safe manner by competent workers using appropriate equipment. It is a requirement that work should only proceed once hazards have been identified and appropriate controls put in place to prevent/minimize any potential incidents or loss.
All employees and contractors conducting work for Paramount have the right to stop or refuse work that they consider to be unsafe or environmentally irresponsible without fear of repercussion.

Environmental Protection:  We are committed to achieving a high standard of environmental stewardship. We ensure that environmental protection is an integral component of our decision making by identifying the potential environmental impacts associated with our activities and taking prudent actions to prevent/minimize these impacts and reduce our environmental footprint.

Regulatory Compliance:  We are committed to complying with all applicable Federal and Provincial laws and regulations and recognized industry standards and practices. Individuals who violate applicable laws and regulations will be held responsible for their actions.

Continuous Improvement:  Incidents and potential incidents are reported and analyzed to determine causes and identify corrective actions and shared learnings in order to reduce the risk of recurrence. We review the adequacy and effectiveness of all our policies, processes, programs and procedures on a regular basis to ensure they remain appropriate and up to date.

Paramount believes that its interests and those of its stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate, are best served by diligently applying these principles and commitments in all of our operations, and we will take steps to ensure that everyone working for Paramount supports and conducts themselves in accordance with them.